Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A another door, a frame, teacher gift and a Blake story.

I thought I better make another post soon so I don't get so far behind so this one contains a little bit of randomness....first up I decored another door in my house....this one is to my craft/therapy room....
I made this frame for my mom per her request. When I took it to her this last weekend I told her I'd make her other requests only if she removed some of the other "stuff" from her walls. She gets a little "happy" when hanging things. However I am guilty of giving her things to hang on the wall so I guess it's partly my fault.
This is a gift card bouquet I put together from Brett's class to give their teacher last week as it was her 1/2 birthday. It's filled with all her fav things, skittles, Dr. Pepper, hot cocoa packets, mints, and gift cards to various places, Barnes and Noble, Freddy's Frozen Custard, Walmart, and Movie Passes. I and the other room mom, Julie, visited the class on Friday with this and cupcakes. Mrs. Unrein was very surprised and appreciative as she has never had a birthday party with her class since it's in the summer.
Ok...here's another Blake story....I've posted before about finding Blake in weird sleeping places(closets, baskets, kitchen table) ...well he did it again. Today I found him on the stairs. I'm not sure if he was going up or coming down when he decided he needed a nap before continuing. Crazy kid....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Merry Christmas Jill and Decoring Doors

Just a couple of more things I finished this week. One is a frame for my KSU roomie Jill for Christmas...yes I know Christmas is over however my roomies and I always try to get together after the holidays and this will be our second year that my husband has given me as a gift a girls weekend with them. Last year it was Kansas City, this year we're going to Hutchinson. We don't really care where we go as long as we're together for some girl time.

Jill actually knew this was coming to her as we came up with the idea together. We used pictures from her family vacation to Colorado last year.
And I finally took some time to do some projects for myself. I've wanted to do something for my laundry room for awhile and I decided to just do the door.......
Which then led to doing the boys' doors too....here's my tractor boy...
And my all american sports boy.
I know this is a quick and short post but no need to bore you all with random chit chatter. Till next time....


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1st and hopefully last snow day of 2011!!

Brett had his first snow day today. As you might have noticed in the title I hope it's the last. I hate winter, snow, ice and cold. I know everyone else thinks it's pretty, the kids have such fun...blah blah blah...all I see is mess, clearing the driveway "multiple times" and being cold. However today the boys had a pretty good time sledding down our sidewalk to the back of the house. I even captured the moment....

Here they come...Brett's on his stomach with Blake on top of him on his stomach.
It was surprising that they didn't crash into the boulders when they came down.
However there were some crashes at the bottom....good thing I built up a pile of snow for them to land in.
They then tried Blake sitting with Brett behind him on his knees.
However they crashed before they got to the bottom.
Brett going solo and Blake watching from the stairs. Blake got tired of getting snow in his face mask.
The boys had a good time. I got the driveway cleared.....AGAIN. And we even made a trip out the airport to clear Marty's van off as he returned home from New York today (he left on Sunday). We were all grateful he made it home as he went thru several cancelled flights to get here but still made it home by 4:30 today.
Hopefully this will be my only post regarding snow days....I'm ready for spring in case you were wondering.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finding my mojo again.

Well I finally got down to my room the last couple of days and have started on some new projects. After the holidays and being sick for a week it's nice to get back to my "therapy room". Here are a couple of things I finished and figured I'd go ahead a post them to ease us all back into this.

Here is a before picture.....
Here is the after....I like this font (thanks Summer). This will be on my FOR SALE page for $10.
And for the upcoming holiday...Valentine's luminaries....this one is a frosted light purple luminary done in silver and purple...Be Mine, joined hearts and xo xo....

Here is a frosted pink luminary with hot pink vinyl hearts and xoxo....

Both of these luminaries will be on my FOR SALE page for $5 each.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Albright Christmas Extraveganza!!

Well I think Christmas is finally over for us. I have gotten the Christmas decor packed away and the house back to normal...almost. Our Christmas was very busy (like every year I guess) and the weather was just right....NO PRECIPITATION!! However the only bummer of the holiday season was I caught a nasty cold the day before. I don't get sick very often (thank goodness) but when I do it's usually a doozy!! This year was no exception. It was even bad enough I went to the doctor...partially because I knew over the counter meds were not going to kick this and we were traveling for the holidays and I needed to function quickly. Well the meds helped just not as fast as I would have liked. All in all it was a good Christmas and we got to see all our family. We started out on Dec. 23rd at our house with a visit from Santa the night before. The boys were so excited with what he brought. However since I was sick there are few pictures of that morning. Next was the Albright's Christmas Eve day north of Topeka. Then onto my Grandma Theye's Christmas Eve night, near Odell, NE. Christmas Day with the Saathoff's in DeWitt, NE. The 26th Christmas with my Grandpa Theye's family and then home. New Year's was spent at home with the arrival of my parents, brother, girlfriend Jenn, and nephew Steel for our Christmas. As I said it was fast and furious and most people think/say we're crazy for cramming all of it in in such a short amount of time but I think we're blessed because we have so much family and they are all relatively close that we can travel home. I hope all of your holiday gatherings were just as fun as ours.
First up is Blake looking quite handsome before his preschool program.
Here are the boys before heading off to their church program.
Brett is in the front right side. The program was really good even with the limited number of kids we had. One of our high schoolers was in charge of it this year and she did a great job with the kids.
After Blake finished his portion of the program (the preschoolers sang Away in a Manger and another song with the big kids, Blake was also dressed as a shepard boy) he told me he needed to go see Grandma....this is why...he was pooped and needed a lap to crash on.
The Annual Albright Christmas photo....L-R, Erica, Garrett, Emily, Brett, Karlie, Blake.
Christmas Eve at my Grandma Theye's. There are so many traditions with this Christmas gathering...one is the pictures that are taken in front of the tree...each family, siblings, grandkids, grandparents.... here's my fam with the exception of Steel who was with his mom.
The grandkids....this year we were all able to make it to Gma's....which meant we outgrew the parlor and couldn't take our picture in front of the tree. Another tradtion is... I may be the second oldest in this group however I am always and forever the shortest of the group...with the exception of Korey who is only 8. The real kicker is I have 2 inch heeled boots on and am still the shortest.
My mom (teal jacket) and her siblings. They have done this stair-step photo since they were little....however Daylon (black short sleeve shirt) is the youngest but had to move to the back of the line.
This is my Grandpa and Grandma Theye. They will be celebrating their 87th and 85th bdays this year....on July 8th.
And finally the Saathoff-Albright Christmas at our house over New Year's weekend. Brett 8, Steel 6 1/2, Blake 4.
Some of my favorite gifts I got this year...my KSU watch, girls weekend with my roomies, Photoshop (still need to get it loaded on my computer and figure out how to use it), just to name a few.
Best of Luck to you all in 2011!!