Monday, October 31, 2011

The boys annual photo shoot.

So for the last few years I have decided to do the boys birthday pics myself. Mostly because I'm really anal when it come to pictures and I love to take outside fall pics. Here are this years crop....they turned out pretty good. Blake has been diagnosed with "chandler bing smile" (anyone remember that episode from Friends). The kid has a great smile but can't do it on command. Which is another reason I like to take the pics myself....I don't want to pay for something that doesn't look right.
Brett is very photogenic (not sure where he gets that from as Marty and I are NOT). The kid has smiled at a camera since the day he was born.
This one of Blake probably took 100 shots. He finally told me "Mom I just can't do it". So I gave up.
This is probably my favorite pic of Brett. Yes I know it looks like something a senior in high school would take but it's still good.
Another fav of mine as I don't have to worry about if they're both looking at me or even smiling!!
Throwing leaves as the parting shot.
I did do one self timer of the three of us in hopes that maybe Marty will put this in his office as I don't think he has one pic of me in there.
All in all pretty good pics and I can pick and choose what I want to print and how I want to print at a very reasonalbe price.

Happy Halloween!!

The boys enjoyed their night of trick or treating. The weather was nice so Marty and the boys enjoyed walking the neighborhood.
Blake decided to be spiderman tonight instead of his clown costume. Hopefully that will be the last appearance of that costume as it's been around for quite sometime and worn LOTS. Brett wore it when he was 3 and loved it so much he would wear it daily. It's definately a well 'loved' costume.
The boys and their loot.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last week and weekend all wrapped into one....

By the time I got all the pics uploaded for this post I realized they are in reverse order...most recent first...oh well...too many pics and too late tonight to redo them....enjoy anyway.

So tonight was the annual pumpkin carving. We got some really nice pumpkins at Walters Pumpkin patch and it turned out they were good ones to work with.
Blake wasn't real excited about cleaning them out.
I told Brett that if he wanted to do the carving this year he was going to do the cleaning out too.
Carving the masterpiece.
They turned out really cool I thought and weren't too bad to carve. Next year it's definately going to be a Powercat and/or G for Green Bay.
Last night we were at Gma and Gpa Albright's for the annual halloween party with the cousins. Marty's parents used to do a party for him and his siblings when they were little and the tradition continues with the grandkids. Normally they do a weenie roast and hayrack ride but it was windy and cold so that was done earlier in the day while we were at the KSU game. However there was also bobbing for apples and a pinata in the basement.
Brett bobbing. Blake didn't want to do it this year.
My gangster and clown. Blake is wearing the clown outfit his dad and uncle scott wore when they were little. My niece Karlie wore it last year so Blake's the last one to wear until there's a new grandbaby....hint hint Kay and Trent.
The Albright 6-Pack in their Halloween attire. L-R Blake the clown, Emily the baby, Garrett the werewolf, Brett the gangster, Erica the hippie/70's woodstock, and Karlie the ladybug.
Saturday was KSU football. My niece Emily really wanted to go to a game this year so we decided to send Blake to the farm to stay with Papa, Gma and Karlie and give Em his ticket. Her parents also ended up with tickets so we all got to go together. It was a fun day even with the result of the game, I'm still proud to be a Wildcat. The weather was beautiful, the tailgate food was excellent and the company was awesome.
Brett and Em throw a little football around during the tailgate.
Friday was Brett's Halloween Party at school. Blake and I brought our share of 25 "mummy hot dogs" as part the snack. It was quite a party as there are 25 kids in a total of 3 3rd grade classes. However it seemed to run pretty smoothly as the kids rotated to each classroom and played games, ate and played more games.
Brett getting mummy wrapped by his classmates as part of one of the games.
Last but not least....Blake's class got to go to a pumpkin patch on Wednesday. I volunteered to be a driver and took 4 kids with me. They listened to a couple of stories, got a pumpkin painted on their cheek, walked thru the "patch" and looked at all the different types of pumpkins and then got to pick a pumpkin to take home.

His class....Blake's on the far left.
His pumpkin to take home.
It was a busy week and this week seems to be just as busy. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's another busy Saturday

Our Saturday's are definately not boring and I don't forsee them slowing down for a couple of months. Today was another game for Brett and the Knights. Gma Jeri and Papa Corky came down Friday night so they could be at Brett's game.
Brett had a couple good runs today, however only one was on the side of the field I was sitting.
Brett's team also kicked for the extra point this game (normally they just run a play). Brett was the holder and JD the kicker. Unfortunately they didn't make it but with more practice they'll soon get it over and thru the goal posts.
The Knight's pulled out their 7th win...19-0!!
After Brett's game it was off to our annual trip to Walter's Pumpkin Patch near Burns, KS. This is a great place to visit, they have tons of stuff for the kids and every year they get bigger. However before the pumpkin patch pics...I have to share this one of Blake and my fav fall mum. This thing is huge and I love it. I have another one just like it but it's not as big as this one.
Now the pumpkin patch always I always take pics of the boys at the measuring stick.
Another annual pic....
Brett celebrating with the powercat pumpkin with the win over the dirty birds today!!
This was a new addition to the patch this year....
One of the boys fav things to do is the dirt hill slide...

Another fav...the jumping pillow....Brett practiced his front flips.
Our pumpkin hunt was a success.
The "train" ride.
Mom's photo op with pumpkins.
By the time we actually left the pumpkin patch Blake found a bigger pumpkin that he wanted and he also decided we needed to have a green pumpkin for the Green Bay Packers. Too bad they didn't have purple ones or we'd have come home with one of those too.
We ended our day with supper at Stearman Field Bar and Grill in Benton. Great little place to get a bite to eat and watch small aircraft land and take off. All in all it's been a good day, we are all tired for sure. Hoping to end the weekend with a Green Bay win over the Vikings tomorrow.