Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Boys Birthday Bash

Last Saturday was the big birthday bash for the boys at my mom and dad's. We've held their family birthday party there since Brett was a baby (with the exception of his 3rd which we held at our house in Wichita and I think we held one at the lakehouse). Anywho...my dad has a nice shed that holds all of us. This years theme was KSU and Green Bay, the boys favorite teams.

The birthday boys, Brett, 10 on Nov. 4 and Blake, 6 on Nov. 22.  I learned I could cut sugar sheets on my cricut so that's how I made the cakes this year.
The boys and all their cousins, less oldest, Erica.
And we always include Uncle Trent as his birthday is November 12th.
The boys and their gifts.
Blake takes home a pretty good loot.  One of Blake's fav gifts is the camo stocking hat from Aunt Kay and Uncle Trent.  He's worn it to school everyday this week even though the temps have been 68'.  Silly kid.
Brett and his loot.  Brett loved loved the came hoodie he got from Aunt Kay and Uncle Trent...can't hardly get him to take it off.
The boys had a great time.  Grandma Donna had fun games planned as always.  The only downer of the whole evening was the KSU vs. Baylor game.  I'm not even going to get into it as we all have moved on and are looking forward to the last home game against Texas that we will get to go to.  Thanks to all our family who attended the party and showered the boys with gifts.  They say THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cyclone Banquet and a little basketball

Friday night we hosted Brett's football team, Andover Cyclones, end of the season football banquet. This was the first (of many I'm guessing) parties since moving into the new house in August. Was I little nervous about having 24 9 year old boys and their siblings in my house and all their parents....I'll be honest a little bit. But it went very well....the boys are good kids and the parents were great help. I had all the kids eat in the garage, thank heavens for nice weather and they could all run around outside too.

We started off the evening with presenting the coaches signed footballs by the team in display cases and the assistant coach got a framed team pic that the kids also signed.

Coach Kemp and Coach Kabler thanking the parents and kids for a fun and undefeated season!!
The parents.
The gifts to all the players this year was a 24x36  poster of themselves, because what 9 year old doesn't want a poster of themselves on their wall.  It was interesting to see all the poses the boys had, some where really good and some not so much.
This morning we started off with Blake's baseketball game....it's only his second game but it's all coming back to him and he did much better this game about knowing where to be and what to do.
Tough defence.
Going after a loose ball.
One of the last plays of the game, Blake brought the ball down the court stopped here, shot and made it!!  Not only was he surprised but so were mom and dad.  (I only wish I was better with the camera and could've gotten the whole scene.)
Well it's 4th quarter of the KSU game so I better cheer them on hopefully to another victory.  Go Cats!!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My room and the fun things that are created there.

So with the move and finally getting everything unpacked and organized, plus all the weddings are over with, I have finally got my new room organized and cleaned up enough to take a picture of it.  But first just a couple more things that are created from there.

Roommate Jill always keeps me in business with her gift requests.  This one went to a new little girl who arrived in September.
A wedding gift.

These were an emergency creation (and a pretty good job if I do say so myself).  My SIL Jenn, thought she was going to need these to give to her nephews as their gifts for helping in the wedding but turns out the original gifts showed up last minute.  However these boys will be getting these for Christmas.
This little coupe went to a March of Dimes auction to help my friend Melanie who was helping with the auction.  It raised about $100 that night.

I even made a tile for myself.
And now my room... my safe haven... my heaven on earth.... my place of sanity.
Places for supplies, supplies and more supplies.
My favorite spot in the room....the white door (goes to the storage room) is from my Great Grandmother's house (which has now been torn down) and the wooden shelf with black knobs is also from her house...it was part of the interior doors frame.
The paint definately shows its age but that's all part of its charm...it also has the crystal door knob and the original key that still works.
I obviously added the words on the shelf to fit the room and added the knobs.  (FYI..the frame on top says: "Every girl needs a pair for flip flops, a little fancy and a few good friends.)....fits me perfectly just as my room does.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Beginning of Basketball, Football Finale and Brett's bday!

So this last weekend we had a few things going on: Blake's baseketball game at 9:00, the first of three football games for Brett and Brett's birthday.

Blake played his first basketball game this season.  For the most part he did pretty well....I'm guessing after another game he'll have it figured out a little better.
Here he is bringing the ball down the court.
Hands up...Defense.

After Blake's game, we were off and running to Brett's football game.  The Cyclones were playing in the Crowder Bowl and were #2 with an undefeated season of 8-0.  They played two games on Saturday, both shut-outs to get them to the Championship game Sunday, which they shut-out Winfield in a 27-0 Victory.

Brett plays corner on defense.
Brett and a couple of his teammates with their 1st place trophies and medals.

Sweet sweet victory!!
Coach Kabler receiving the championship trophy.
2012 Cyclones...the perfect season...11-0!!
Coach Kabler thanking the boys for a great season, appreciating their hardwork, and how proud of them he was for playing together as a team each and every week.
After the big win the team and parents decided they needed to celebrate so we all headed to Stearman's Bar and Grill.  We continued celebrating when we got home as it was also Brett's birthday and he had gifts to open from us and Blake.
Blake gave him a hero factory and a shirt.
Marty and I got him a new baseball helmet and a purple KSU basketball net for his goal outside.
We still owe Brett a birthday dinner at his favorite restaurant, Sumo, and hope to get there soon.  We will officially will end the football season this Friday with a banquet that we are hosting.   Thankfully Brett has a couple weeks off before he starts basketball.Photobucket

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was successful yet again.  Brett was concerned as to where he was going to trick or treat since moving to the country.  Lucky for him we were invited by some friends to go with them in their neighborhood.  And even though we had no once coming to the door we still carved pumpkins.  I made the boys clean the guts out even though they don't really like too.
Here is there "grossed out" faces.
The boys had to go to bed before the carving was finished, the end result was the surprise the next morning at breakfast.  Brett carved most of his and of course I got to do Blake's.  Unfortunately he picked a pretty detailed picture this year.  All in all they turned out pretty good....until.....
this happened.  I had put them out on the front porch and shortly there after I found this.  Do you suppose a raccoon, or maybe a very hungry rabbit or a family of mice came by to have a snack?  Ummmm no........
 this is what ate the pumpkin....a witchy little beagle named Sassy.  We were getting ready to leave for football practice so I went to find Sassy to put her away and found her in the front yard chewing on something....a pumpkin chunk!!!  Like usual she thought it was a fun game of chase.  When I told Brett what happened, he couldn't believe it and then saw it and laughed.  I wonder if he would've had the same reaction had it been his brother ruining his pumpkin...my guess is no.
 Well when Sassy isn't being naughty she can be a sweet little sunflower.  Next year she's getting devil horns.
 I attended Blake's halloween party at school.  For a 9 a.m. party with 21 kindergartens it was a really fun and nice party.  Here is him and his teacher Mrs. Lawrence.  We like her a lot, she's very bubbly, super fun and loves her kindergartners.
 Later in the day I went back to school to attend Brett's party.  Unfortunately his party was a little more lively at 1:30 with 20 4th graders!!  His teacher, Mrs. Green, is still on maternity leave but stopped in for the party with her little girl, Lyla the Lobster.  Even though Brett has enjoyed the long term sub Mrs. Haenggi, he's looking forward to having Mrs. Green back in the classroom...she's a Kstate fan too!!
 Blake the Pirate...and no the sun isn't in his eyes, he's giving his pirate eye.
 Brett the Purple Phantom
 They're ready to hit the streets.
 While the boys went trick or treating with our friends Aubrie and Blaine, I hung out with friend Mel to pass out candy.  Her friends she occassionally babysits, Brody and Boston, stopped by to see us.  They were the little old man from Up.  Super cute!!
The boys came home with bags of candy that we'll never get through or.... shouldn't.  Thankfully the librarian at school is collecting candy to send to the troops over seas.  We will definately be donating to that cause.