Sunday, September 25, 2011

Knights Football, Sluggers baseball and Sistas'

Our Saturday started off with Brett's football game...the Knights are now 3-0!! They won 34-0 (a little like KSU style last week...a high scoring shut-out). The team we played was struggling a little so it gave our team a chance to let some of the kids that don't always get to carry the ball...carry and score. Plus we got lots of defense practice as our coaches allowed the opposing team to have the ball the 2nd half until they scored...unfortunately our defense put the stop on them the entire 2nd half and we never did get the ball back. Oh was still a good game.

Brett in action....#7.Getting ready for the kick-off..Brett's second from the right.
Sunday afternoon...Brett changed gears and played baseball. Again the Sluggers went down swinging, but the excitement of the game was when Brett went in as pitcher. At this stage Coach is letting anyone pitch that wants to in hopes of finding a couple of kids that have some talent. Brett, of course, will try anything once. All in all he didn't do too bad....he doesn't throw real hard yet but he didn't hit anyone and he did strike two kids out.
I love the action photos......
And his facial expressions....
Look at that long arm...
Last but not least, Saturday after the football game we headed to Marty's sister's place for the Annual Albright Fish and Nut (Mountain Oyster) Fry. Marty's parents, siblings, spouses, and kids have put this on for about 16 years now. It's always a good time with good food. The sister's decided we needed a photo. The other excitement before the Fish Fry started was listening to the KSU vs. Miami game....whoohooo the Cats pulled out a great win. Love to see them pull together with heart and determination. Proud to be a Wildcat, but then again I'm always proud to be one!!
(L-R) Kay Albright soon to be Andler, Amy (Albright) Pruyser, myself, Barb (Bayless) Albright and Jenny (Bayless) Brading. Obviously Jenny isn't an Albright but we included all sisters and I've known Jenny and Barb since we were kids.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Knights Football...We're 2-0!!

Saturday was Brett's second game of tackle football (our first game to see since we were in Vegas for the first game.) they won 37-6. They also won last weeks game 25-10. It's really fun to watch even though sometimes it's so fast I miss it, like getting Brett's two touchdowns on camera!! Next week I'm going to have to make sure I sit in a better spot.

Go #7 (which should be #5, but that's another story). And yes we have navy shirts and socks with black pants....obviously they didn't ask the mom's for our opinions of uniform colors.
We have some enthusiastic mom's that made the banner for the boys to run through and one mom even has an airhorn she sounds off after each score.
Brett was selected to be one of the team captains this game...he's in the middle.
Brett's in the backfield (the one without the red shoes.)
Brett had a couple good tackles...this being one of them.Brett on the sideline waiting to go back in.
After Brett's game we headed straight to Manhattan for the KSU game. Another win in our favor...way to go Cats!! We stayed at the lakehouse only to get up to head to Brett's baseball game but the much needed rain cancelled that. Even though we were a little bummed about not watching some baseball today the rain is greatly appreciated.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Odds and Ends finished

Awhile back I posted a picture of an old window I got in Weston, Mo that I redid with my boys baby pics, well I had two of those windows and finally found a use for the second one. My friend, Mel, wanted it and had just the place for it.....her in-laws shop in Lucas, KS. Mel came up with what to put on it and I just followed her instructions. She says there's a spot ready for it to hang...hopefully it makes it there soon and she sends me a pic of it in the shop. The numbers 89 are removable and laminated so each year they can change them out.
These two frames are for my cousin Katie to give her kids' teachers for xmas gifts. Yes she is on the ball and I appreciate it.
I delivered these two items to new parents and new grandparents a couple weeks ago. Marty's cousin and wife welcomed Miles Brian Dannenberg at the end of August. And since this is Aunt Jan and Uncle Mike's first grandbaby...they had to get a little something too. Hopefully Miles will be making his debut to the rest of family next weekend at the Annual Albright Fish Fry.
Please be sure to check out the "Look What's On Sale!" tab at the top. I went thru my inventory and slashed prices. If there's anything you like be sure to let me know. If something is already sold let me know and I can make it again. Thanks!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

So our whirl wind trip to Vegas was a success. We had a good time, Gma Jeri and the boys survived at home and we're back to our regular scheduled
We left the house at 6 a.m. on Friday morning and got to our hotel late that afternoon. We had dinner reservations at Joe's Seafood, Steak and Stone Crab and tickets to see O Cirque Du Soleil at the Bellagio. The show was really good and the dinner was outstanding. We had crab legs that were out of this world...not only did they taste good but they crack them for you...all you have to do is drag them thru butter and eat. I also had grilled lobster that was scrumptious. And then to top it off we had Banana Cream Pie with Foster sauce.....per the suggestion of my friend Mel who's a Vegas was really good however i was soooo full I could barely eat much of it.

We stayed at the Wynn.

Other sites from the strip.....

Fountains in front of Ceasar's Palace.
The flower garden in the Bellagio. Everything was made out of plants, vines or flowers. Very pretty and very fragrant.
Hot air balloons above the flower garden.
The bears were made out of evergreens and their vests were small mums.
The Eagle is made out of diffrent dried flowers.
Ceiling of pretty glass in the Bellagio.
In front of the Bellagio where the fountains are.
The fountains "performed" every 15 min to half hour to music. Very cool.
Inside the Wynn.
Outiside the Mirage
Sun setting, looking out our hotel room, Trump Tower on the right.
Saturday we walked the strip, ate nacho's at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville (another Mel suggetion) went to Mac King Comedy/Magic Show, which was really good. Not sure what was more funny Mac King or seeing the frustration on Marty's face when he did the magic tricks. Then Marty did a little gambling aka donated his hard earned money to the people of Vegas and I relaxed with a good book. Yes I know....lame but that's my type of vacay. I did drop $1 in the slots....just donating my share too. Saturday night we ate at the Country Club Steakhouse at the Wynn. It was another delicious meal but we refrained from ordering off the dessert menu. We then went to watch the Dueling Piano's. They weren't near as good as other dueling piano's we've seen but it was early so the crowd wasn't quite into it. Then later that night was the best show/part of the whole trip.....Garth Brooks. Any of you that knew me back in high school/college knew that I was a HUGE Garth fan. He's the reason I bought my first pair of ropers, I even have a Mobetta shirt which he was known for wearing, and I still have a couple pieces of memobilia. I saw him 3 times I think when we was touring and loved every show, he was sooo entertaining. So needless to I was excited to see him again and was really wondering what this show would be like. Instead of a band, lights, smoke and fire it was just Garth and his guitar. Instead of tight fitting wrangler, a mobetta shirt and a cowboy hat it was loose/baggy fitting wranglers, a denim shirt "untucked", and a ball cap that he occassionally wore backwards. However he still had ropers on. He was very entertaining and it was great to hear him sing his music again, but the best was when he would play others stuff, James Taylor, Jim Crocce, Simon and Garfunkel, Haggard, Jones, George Strait...basically anyone that influenced him, he played it. One of my favorite songs he usually sang as an encore at his concerts is American Pie.....he did this one again and it was awesome. He told stories, made us laugh and I'm pretty sure he made an 82 year old lady cry. At one point in the show he took questions/requests from the audience and a gentleman told him he brought his 82 year old mother to see him for her birthday as she is his biggest fan. Garth sang Happy Birthday to her and then signed his guitar for her to take home. How cool is that. Some might wonder if he sounds the same...the answer is yes I think he does. He has stated that once his youngest daughter is in college (approx 4 more years) he will becoming out of retirement and touring again. I'm hoping one of his stops will be KC, Topeka, or Wichita.....I'll go see him again. So preparation, I've decided to dust off my Garth CD's and bring him back now.
Since all the shows I saw would not allow cameras I have no pics of the actual performances, but I do have the memories and my ticket stubs.
All in all it was fun, quick trip. I don't know that I could have stayed for another day....I know I couldn't afford to eat like that for much longer. I can say I've been to Vegas, but I don't think I need to go back...unless it was to see Garth!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

15 years!!

It's hard to believe but 15 years ago Marty and I married. Not only does that seem hard to fathom but we've been together for 20 years. Those are some big numbers.
Some things have changed over the years and some things have remained the same. We've obviously changed by appearance (hence the photos below), we've become parents of two boys, we've changed addresses 6 times, and I'm sure there are many other changes. However a few things have remained the same, we are still season ticket holders for the KSU football games, we both still hold KSU near and dear, Marty still drives me crazy in many ways (too many to list) as I do the same to him I'm sure (very few I'm guessing) but above all Marty still continues to surprise me and once again he's done it.
He informed me this morning that we are going on a short trip, leaving Friday returning Sunday. He "thought" I would be able to pack for this trip knowing only that...apparently he still doesn't know me well. He finally told me we are going to Vegas. We are going to see a couple of shows and one being Garth Brooks. Those of you who have known me since high school/college know I was a HUGE GB fan. It's obviously been years since I've seen him in concert so I'm really looking forward to that show. Marty also took care of making sure the boys were taken care of....Grandma Jeri is coming down to make sure the boys get to and from school on Friday, to and from Brett's football game on Saturday and to and from Brett's baseball game on Sunday. (She will need a vacay after this I'm sure. THANKS in advance.)
This trip will be fast and furious and the only downer is we will miss Brett's first football game and his baseball game. Hopefully he doesn't make any outstanding plays that we'll miss or break any bones while we're gone.
Stay tuned for Vegas pics!!

KSU Football is finally here....

Hopefully with the start of KSU football that means fall is around the corner. With the weather we had this weekend that just may be the case. We headed to Manhappiness (from the lake) Saturday morning in time to eat at Marty's fav place, Little Apple Brewery, for lunch then it was off for some Kstate Volleyball. It's been awhile since we've gone to a vball game and they have made so many changes to Ahern when it comes to the vball court, however installing A/C was not one of them. Needless to say it was a little warm in there but fun to watch none the less. However the Lady Cats were not able to pull a win over BYU Cougars. Better luck for the rest of the season to our Lady Cats.
After the vball game we decided to walk over to the Union and see what's changed there. The best change was they serve Call Hall ice cream at the coffee shop. Nothing better that a scoop of Call Hall ice was YUMMY!! Marty had to visit the store and found a couple purchases...apparently you can't have to many KSU footballs, purple shirts, or hats....we came home with one of each.
We then headed to tailgate and the football game. Needless to say the game wasn't as exciting as we all would have liked but it was a win none the less. We're hoping with a bye this weekend Coach Snyder can get the kinks worked out and we have a much better game on the 17th!!

The boys are ready for some football and yes they have purple and white hair, which they received tons of compliments on.

After the game we headed back to the lake as we were hosting an small family gathering the next day. My parents, brother, girlfriend, nephew, Marty's parents, his brother and wife and our two neices all came down for a little swimming, tubing, great food and some yummy homemade ice cream made by the grandparents. It was a great weekend even though the temps were a little cool but with the summer we've had it was kind of nice.

Since Brett and Steel are both playing tackle football for the first time this year my brother suggested getting some pics with them suited up. Brett will get his game jersey this week, so we used his practice jersey.This is their tough look....let's hope it works for them on the field.Down, set, hike!!Steel wearing his dad's number. Go #19!!Of course Scott couldn't resist running a few drills with the boys.All in all it was a great weekend. Hopefully the weather has turned for some cooler temps and a little rain wouldn't hurt either.