Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Well Spring Break 2012 hasn't been exactly "spring fun"...its' rained for 4 days straight. Granted we need the rain badly and appreciate every drop but could have been nice for it to rain on a different week. The boys have been a little stir crazy needless to say. They were so desperate to go outside on Tuesday they played basketball in the rain and I let them. Desperate times call for deperate measures. We did venture over to the west side of town on Wednesday to take in some miniature glow golf at Town West. A friend of mine had gone earlier in the with her kids and they loved it. The boys thought it was fun and for the price it was worth it plus it was raining so what else did we have to do. Definately something to consider for a birthday party for the boys in the future.Brett making his putt. Brett ended up with two one hole in ones for the day.
Blake surprisingly had 2 hole in ones back to back too. It was crazy considering when he started he wasn't even holding his club right.
Thursday was yet another rainy day but we ventured to the big town of Lebo. My roomie, Jill, had her second daughter, Rebecca Ann, last Monday and we had to go see her. Here she is....
She looks a lot like her daddy and her older sister, Rachael at that age I think. It's hard to remember how tiny newborns are or remember my boys being that small at one time.
Now this is one relaxed baby girl. (She's still celebrating St. Patty's day :) !)
Blake has always loved babies and was all about holding her.
Brett even got in on the action of holding her. I had to fight to get my turn with her... he was a baby hog.
This is big sister Rachael showing me her ABC 123 book her mom made her. She's sitting at her KSU desk that I made her for Christmas a couple years ago.
I finally got my turn with Rebecca. Jill says she's a pretty good baby so far. She's definately a cutie and so so sweet. (For the record...I'm not in the need for another baby for myself...that's why I have Jill...when I need a baby or girl fix I visit her.)
And of course last but not feet. I love pics of baby feet and lil' Rebecca has some pretty cute feet.
Well we definatley enjoyed our day with Miss R and lil' Miss R. Its been the highlight of our spring break for sure. I have a few things I need to make for Rebecca's room now that she's here so I better get busy.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's been awhile...

So it's been awhile since I've made a post....I guess nothing exciting has happened or we are enjoying the spring like weather which means it's time to give the outside a little TLC. However I have been able to work in my room a little for others. My future SIL asked me to do a frame for her girlfriend who just moved into their new house. (For whatever reason I forgot to take a pic of the finished product but this is it before the ribbon was added.)A couple of weeks ago Brett's teacher, Mrs. Lee, asked if I would do a few frames for her girls and husband. These will be their Easter gifts. Her husband is a coach for the Wichita Wild Indoor Football team so she had me make something for him too.
Mrs. Lee also asked if I could meet with one of the 4th grade teachers, Mrs. Pauling, as she also wanted to know if I could create something for her. Her request was a little different however quite fun. She had this barstool in her room and a picture of one she found on the internet that was all decored/blinged out. I was a little nervous about this as I wasn't quite sure how or what I was going to do this. She was very easy to work with as she gave me colors she liked and said do whatever. Soooooo I did. The before shot.
The after of being blinged/decored.
It was fun once I figured out what to do and after the painting was done...that was probably my least favorite of the process. Hopefully she and her class will enjoy it.
Blake is also playing soccer. He's very much excited about playing, not so much for the sport itself but the fact he gets to play something and Brett doesn't. (Even though Brett is quite busy himself with baseball practice starting this month too.)
First game Blake played goalie. It was a rough first game as he had forgotten a lot from last year. But the second game it all clicked with him and the rest of the team.
Blake does a good job of staying involved in the game and paying attention when the ball is on his side of the field.

Playing defense.
Game over...lining up to shake hands with the other team.
It's spring break next week for the boys. No special plans for us, however we will be making a trip to the big town of Lebo to see roomie Jill's new baby girl. Rebecca Ann was born last Monday. I'm excited to see her and her sister Rachael. Hopefully the weather cooperates and lets us enjoy the break.