Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I've decided to create another blog for those of you who want to just catch up on my family and leave this site strictly for the stuff I create in hopes to make it easier for those looking for a gift idea. Please bear with me as I get this set up and figured out as I'm fairly techno stupid.

My new blog to follow is: http://thelifeofksufans.blogspot.com/


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brett's Basketball season has started...

Brett's season of hoops has started...his team is made up of boys from his football and baseball team and he is playing in a more competitive league than before. This being said it might be a long season.

Brett's a gambling man....our friend Paul from church is a big KU fan (although he's been known to pull for the Cats occasionally and will admit it) called Brett before the Fiesta Bowl and wanted to make a bet for fun with him.   Paul picked the Ducks with the point spread and of course Brett was pullin' for the Cats.  Needless to say Brett lost that bet and this is what he had to do to to uphold his end of the deal....
Yes...he had to wear a RED KU shirt during church the following Sunday.   Needless to say it was quite the conversation piece that morning...all in good fun.  Brett and Paul have bet before (can't remember what game it was over), but Brett won and Paul had to wear a KSU shirt to church).  


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Gifts

Yes I realize Christmas is over but with the holidays I didn't get the gifts that were ordered or done for people so here they are.

For our new neighbors who take care of Sassy when we're gone and their daughter babysits the boys when needed.
A gift for a friend for her step-daughter.
The boys teacher and bus driver gifts.  I filled the KSU plate full of goodies for Bob the bus driver to enjoy after he finished his route.
This is something I made for my SIL...she's going to hang it with a new family pic in the square and each of the kids next to the verse.
This was done for my other SIL to give to her parents.  In the frames she put a picture from her wedding which was in October.
I did this for a co-worker of Marty's to give his wife for Christmas.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our First Country Snow

I love to take pictures of scenery and kids etc...however I wish I was better at it and smart enough to use my camera and get some really good shots but these will have to do.  My first attempt at a panorama shot of our house.

Brett and his snow angel.
Blake and his snow angel.
Our first visitor from the "wild".
The boys and I went exploring in the trees today.


2012 Christmas-2013 New Year's

Our Christmas celebration started Dec. 22rd as that's when Santa was due to arrive.  The boys set out the cookies and milk and Blake threw out oatmeal in the yard for the reindeer.
Sunday morning...Sassy didn't waste anytime finding her gift...Santa helped her out and put a few treats in the wrapping.
The boys digging into their stockings.
Sassy found her goodies too.
The boys big gift this year from us was a go cart.  The freezing temps didn't even detour them.
Christmas eve day we headed to the Gpa and Gma Albright's.  The annual stair step (age order) picture of all the kids at the tree. (l-r...Erica, Emily, Garrett, Brett, Karlie and Blake).
Heated game of cards going on at the table.
Christmas Eve night we traveled to Gpa and Gma Theye's (just north of stateline in NE).  Every family gets their picture taken by the Christmas tree.  This is the first time in 8 years our family is complete for the picture.
My brother and I with our kids and our grandparents.
So Elf on the Shelf is such a big hit these days....my Gma Theye probably has one of the oldest Elf's out there.  Every year this little guy sits on the pump organ.
Christmas day we spent visiting with grandparents a little more before heading back home.

December 29th we headed to Manhattan to do a little shopping and took the boys to Nelson's Landing in Leonardville, KS, which happens to be owned and operated by Jordy Nelson's parents.  Jordy Nelson is a former Kstater and now plays for the GB Packers.  (The boys are big fans.) We also took in a KSU men's basketball game before heading back home to get ready for yet another Christmas gathering.

December 30th, my parents, brother, SIL and nephew came to our house for Christmas/New Year's.
The boys and their annual stair step picture.
The boys opening their gifts....Brett and Steel got to go shopping with Gma for their gifts earlier in the day and both came home with new robes which they wore the entire weekend.
Gma Donna organized and set up a indoor volleyball tourney....with shirts for everyone.  The boys had nicknames on theirs...Brett aka The Hunter, Steel aka The Hoopster, Blake aka The Blaker.
The tournament was double elimination...here is my brother Scott and Blake during their game.
There was even time and just enough snow so go sledding (down the sidewalk).

SIL Jenn is a pinterest junkie and found this activity for the boys to do to countdown to the new year.  We thought of activities for every hour and stuck them in balloons that they popped at the appropriate time and did the activity.  It kept them occupied for....awhile...but of course the ipads and iphones were the choice of fun.  Let the electronic detox begin tomorrow!!
The boys rang in the new year with SHOTS!!  Just kidding.. kind of....they did shots of sparkling grape juice out of Marty's new KSU shot glasses.
We had a great Christmas and fun New Year's.  However we are all looking forward to getting back on schedule and starting 2013.  One more day of fun tomorrow (our friends from Singapore are stopping by for a visit before they head back) and then it's back to reality.