Monday, May 21, 2012

Cousin Karlie and Aunt Barb come for a visit

Friday night my sister-in-law Barb and niece Karlie came for a visit. This was Karlie's first visit to Wichita and she was excited.  (Brother-in-law Scott and other niece Emily had to stay behind at home to take care of farm business.)  They arrived just in time for Brett's game.  After the game we went to eat at Poplar's in Andover.  Saturday morning we got up and headed to the zoo.

Cousins in the "jungle" in front of the waterfall.
Karlie's only request was to see the penguins.  Luckily for us they were active and swimming right next to the glass.  Karlie took this photo.

Photo on the tiger statue.

Pretty Kitty.
Lion Statue.
It was Kinali's first birthday.  He was a cute little thing and very entertaining.
After the zoo, we headed home to eat lunch with Marty and then Barb and I went out to do some shopping while Marty entertained the kids.  When we returned we hung out until it was time to take Brett to a birthday party and then the rest of us went to Stearman's airfield for dinner in Benton.  After that we showed Karlie and Barb the construction of our new house.  We then returned home to relax.  Sunday morning we got up went to church.  Barb and Karlie got to see Brett receive his study bible during the service and we came home to grill lunch and sent Karlie and Barb back to Topeka.  It was a great weekend and hope they come to visit again only next time maybe Scott and Em can tear themselves away from the farm and join them. 

Last but not least...Karlie and her fav aunt...Me!!

8th graduation

Last Tuesday my oldest niece, Erica, graduated from 8th grade. It's almost unimaginable to believe she's going to be a freshman, let alone believe that I have a niece that old.  Due to the boys schedules, school and baseball, Marty stayed in Wichita while I went home for the festivities.

Here is Miss Erica walking in for the ceremony. (She's on the right.)
Receiving her "diploma".
Picture with her bestie...Macy.
And last but not least a pic with her favorite aunt...Me.!

My gift to Erica...along with some $$.

It was a fast and furious trip home for me but so glad I did it.  Can't wait to see what the future holds for Miss Erica.  Congrats to her!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, mother-in-law, grandmothers, my girlfriends and my sister-in-laws who are moms, to the women who have been 'mom-like' to me, Ms. Kneale, Janis and Jo.  (no one can ever have too many moms); to the birthmoms who made the choice to give someone else the gift of being a mom when they couldn't.  And to the women who are waiting to become a mom.  Mother's day can be an emotional day for some.  There was a time when this was a dreaded holiday for me, a day I wish didn't exist as I so desparately wanted to be a mother and never thought the day would come.   Now I get to celebrate this day, and even though my boys drive me crazy, make messes and drive me crazy again...I consider myself lucky that I get to be a mom.

Blake and I....Blake is definately the child that challenges me everyday.  He knows exactly how and what to do, to push my buttons no doubt about it...but he does me make laugh and he is the one that is always willing to give a hug or a kiss.
Most of the time, Blake can't take a decent picture so I always tell him to kiss my cheek so he doesn't have to look at the camera.  It's one of our standard pictures usually.
Brett and I...Brett is the child that made motherhood too easy.  He was an easy baby from day one, he's growing up to be an all around good kid.  However he is not the kid that is open for hugs and kisses from his mom or anyone else for that matter.  As you can tell by the pic (Blake took it and obviously had the camera crooked) it won't be long and Brett will be taller than I.

My mother's day was spent with church this morning, Marty grilled chicken for lunch, the boys watched a movie (one they got me for Mom's day) "We bought a Zoo" while I took a nap and then Brett was off to ball practice and Blake and I cleaned out my car.  It was a pretty good day.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

B is for Brett and Baseball

The 2012 baseball season has started for Brett. And because his parents like challenges he is playing on two teams in two different leagues. Now so far this hasn't created two much of an issue, just a couple nights of practice and depending on the schedule anywhere from 1 to 3 games a week.  Blake's season doesn't start till June so they'll only overlap for a couple weeks.

He plays for the Knights which is a team made up mostly of the boys from his tackle football team.  This league is a pretty competitive league and the Knights are a young team and first time playing kid-pitch.  So needless to say it's a learning year for the Knights.  Luckily Brett isn't frustrated with the losing season so far as he just like to learn and play the game.  And as his mom (totally unbiased opinion :) ) he's doing a pretty good job of figuring the game out.  He's been playing 2nd, shortstop, and pitcher and is the lead off batter.  He proudly wears #5 (in honor of George Brett whom he thinks he's named after.)
2nd base...look at the defensive face.
Holding the runner at 2nd.
Getting ready to steel 2nd.
The other team he plays for is Boston Red Sox, this team is mostly made up of the kids from his team from last year...just a different name and a new coach.  His coach, David Haas, is a former player of the Detroit Tigers.  Needless to say Brett thinks that he's way cool.  Coach Haas obviously eats, sleeps baseball as he is a coach to 4 teams in this league.  It's nice to have a coach with so much passion for the game and wants to instill that passion in young kids.  This league is much more fun to watch as the Red Sox can compete with the other teams, so far they have a winning season, 2-1.  Brett has been playing 2nd, outfield, pitcher and is also lead off batter.  He proudly wears #19. (#5 was taken so we went with #19 which is his Uncle Scott's number.)
Brett is turning out to be a fairly decent pitcher...he doesn't throw real hard yet but he's fairly accurate and that's a good place to start.

#19 to the plate.
Stealing home.....he's safe.
We are enjoying this season's baseball so far. We hope Brett continues to do well and only get better as the season goes on.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blake post...short and sweet...just like him...

Blake had his spring program at school last week.  Its consists of the 3 preschool classes, each class gets to sing a handful of songs and then all the classes finish with a couple songs together.  Blake did a great job...knew all the songs and actions that went with them.  Marty and I each got a wave from him from the stage as did Mel...his buddy.  (Thanks Mel for coming...Blake loves to have his own fan club).

In case you're wondering the kids are holding "doves" made out of paper plates and feathers.
I can't remember what this song was but it had something to do with sticking their legs out obviously.

Blake also had kindergarten visitation on Friday, (He'll be attending Martin Elementary next fall for all day kindergarten, Brett will also be a 4th grader there.).  They got to have snack, do a craft, and ride the school bus on a short trip.  He seemed to have had a great time and he said the bus ride was his favorite.  The best part was, no tears when I dropped him off.  Let's hope it's that smoothe come August 20th!  

A little of this and that

Well as the school year winds down I get a little busier in my room....teacher gifts, graduation gifts, wedding gifts etc. Here's what's been happening...

These are teacher appreciation gifts for the staff at Blake's school, Holy Cross.  Bottles of germ gel with their names and dots on them in school colors.  Ribbons were added later.  Can never have too much germ gel.

I also finished up Cali's memorial frame and box.

Lots of weddings happening this year...these are headed out to my sister-in-law and cousin who were in need of a wedding gift.  (Kristy...fear not I fixed the Rockley tile to Rickley, just forgot to take a picture after the correction.)
These are a couple of frames roomie Jill requested for her babysitter, Ivy.  She'll be attending KU for nursing but Jill is going to give her the KSU frame first as a joke and follow up with the KU one.  People are always impressed I will do anything KU, but I'll do whatever they want as long as it doesn't stay in my house. 
Another wedding gift for roomie, Jill, to give to some friends.

This is a little something for me, I've always been on the look out for a small bench to put in my closet to sit on to put my shoes on or more importantly stand on to reach the items on the top shelf (yes I'm severely vertically challenged) ...picked up this treasure at a garage sale. 
With a little spray paint and some discounted material...ta-da...
Last but not least a baby gift for a friend of mine who had a little boy May 1st.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend Travels

We traveled to Manhattan this weekend to take in a KSU baseball game.  We haven't been to a game since Brett was a baby so it was time.  The game started out great however the Cats fell to the OSU Cowboys 13-3. The boys enjoyed the game until the Cowboys started taking over.  Hopefully they'll get their season turned around and end with a couple of wins. 
 Naturally Willie was there to cheer the team and pose for pics and autographs.
 Both the boys brought their gloves and Willie signed them.
 Brett noticed that the lead off batter, just like him, was #5, just like him.
 Willie doing what he does best.....gettting the crowd fired up.

After the game we headed to my in-laws for supper as we had my niece Karlie's first communion Sunday monring.  This is the frame I made her.
Here is Miss Karlie and her parents, Scott and Barb.
Miss Karlie, her cake and her infectious smile!!

It was a fun and fast weekend but ours normally are.  We look forward to a weekend at home this weekend.