Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blake made it thru his 5th birthday.

Blake's big day finally arrived on Tuesday. He made it to 5. Believe me it was touch and go....he definately keeps us on our toes and a little crazy most days. He started off his day with birthday donuts for breakfast. For school we made cookie pops that he shared with his classmates. When I picked him up from school I asked where he wanted to eat lunch and he said where ever there was a play Burger King it was. We then met our friend Mel at the mall as she was taking him to Build a Bear for his birthday. Blake and Mel have a very special relationship and Blake was so excited to know that she was taking him and that she was actually going to let him buy something.
Blake makes his selection....a dachshund...just like our Cali dog.Blake running the control for the stuffing.
He had to select a "heart" for her and gave it a kiss before putting it inside.
I'm not sure what this process is but he looks proud.
Blake and his Callie Kstate. She even has a KSU shirt on.
Then Mel and Blake ran into Santa on their way to meet me.
After the mall, we headed home to wait for Brett to get home from school. Then we picked up Marty and headed to Five Guys for supper. After there we headed to Cold Stone for ice cream to take home to have after Blake opened his presant from Brett.
He got a book, "It's Hard to be 5" and a new Wii game...Skate it.
One more time to blow out a candle....and eat his cotton candy ice cream.
It was a big day for him and now it's off to our Thanksgiving travels. We hope you and your families have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Boys Birthday Bash with the Family

Last weekend we celebrated both boys birthdays at my parents (which we've done since Brett was born) as it's easier for us to travel than to have all the family to Wichita and it also gives my parents an excuse to clean out their shed/apt. once a year as that's where we have the party. It works out well as there's plenty of room for everyone and Grandma Donna's party games (which all the kids look forward to every year.)

Blake getting ready to open all his presants.
Brett and his loot.
Our gift to the boys this year was a Green Bay Packer tshirt and a ticket to the Chiefs vs. Packers game Dec. 18th. Brett was really excited about this. He can't believe he's going to travel all the way to KC, MO (he figures he's crossing statelines it must be huge) for a Green Bay game. Let's hope he has that same enthusiasm when we are all there freezing our tails off!!
The birthday boys and their Transformers cake.
Make a wish....
All the one special friend...Rachael (far right). She's the daughter of my college roommate Jill. The boys think of her as their little sister and she loves them too, well Brett does...Blake does to a certain point but he doesn't like sharing his momma with her.
Brett and all his gifts....I think he did quite well.
Blake and his loot. Blake was most excited about his Bey Blades Let it Rip gift. He's been asking for one of these for months. Thank goodness Gma Jeri came thru with the #1 gift this year.
Last but not least...a sidenote to the party. My cousin Kasey is staying with my parents for a couple of months as she's working in Topeka finishing up her physical therapy degree. She's also getting married in June. Marty's little sister, Kay, who is also getting married in September were both at the party and they haven't seen each since our wedding, they passed out programs and wheat bags for us. My mom thought it would be fun to take their picture together, so we did.
First a pic of their first meeting....15 years ago.....Kasey is in the green dress and Kay is in the mauve dress. Jamie, Kasey's younger sister, is in the purple dress.
And now...two beautiful brides to be! We are looking forward to both weddings next year and bringing Trevor and Trent into our family officially.
The boys are enjoying their new toys/clothes. It makes things a little interesting with Christmas just around the corner as to what to get them now.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blake Allen is 5 years old today!!

Wow how fast 5 years can go by....Blake Allen entered this world and into our hearts today 5 years ago. I remember this day and the days leading up to it as if it were yesterday. So many emotions and anxiety that went on. But how wonderful it was to see all 5lbs 6 0z of you and know that you were healthy and ours. Not only did you change our family but you also completed it.

Even though you make me crazy (A LOT), you have an infectious smile and make us laugh with your antics. We look forward to seeing what life has in store for you. Happy Birthday Blake...we love you!!
Blake at about 2 weeks old.

Birth announcement pic....he looks like a tiny little man.He loves his Kstate Wildcats!!

You never know where you'll find him.

1st Day of School this year.
His first year of t-ball.
Here he is today....5 years old.
Stayed tuned for the boys birthday bash with family post.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend!!

I know it's a couple days late but I'm finally getting around to posting about our "Brett's bday-Brett's Last Football game-Blake's First Basketball game-Boys Bowling Party and First Earthquake Experience" weekend. Yes this all took place in 3 short days.

Friday was Brett's 9th birthday. His day started out with donuts for breakfast. Blake and I took him Taco Bell for lunch at school and then that night we all went out to eat at Sumo Japenese Steak House, Brett's most fav place ever.
My boys...Brett gives a thumbs up on his pile of shrimp.
Brett trying to catch a flying shrimp courtesy of our chef. (Don't ya just love Marty's expression?!)
After supper it was home to open his gift from Blake. (He gets his gift from us on Nov. 19th at the big family bday bash, as will Blake.)
Most definately excited about the Hero Factory toy.
Saturday morning we were off and running to Blake's first basketball game. As you can imagine 4/5 year old basketball is CHAOS!! However the kids thought it was fun and that's all that matters. Turned out Blake played against his buddy, Parker from his tball team....they were excited to see each other. Blake is so excited to play but I think its mostly because he gets to play something and Brett has to sit in the stands and watch.
You might wonder what Blake is doing here....he's spinning the ball on his finger using the floor. He taught all his teammates this trick during Saturday's game.
He SHOOTS...He SCORES again!!
This is the start of the game...the jump ball....lucky for Blake the little girl didn't know what was going on either as she was a foot taller than him.
Bringing the ball down the court...
Saturday afternoon was Brett's last football game of the season..the Championsip Bowl Game.
The kickoff...Brett's in the middle.
Brett, the holder, for JD, the kicker, for the extra point.
Running through the parent tunnel after their victory!! Brett giving the KSU defense motto...Lynch Mob.
The Knights ended their season 8-0!! It was such a fun season with a great group of kids and coaches. We finished the season with a party Sunday afternoon. The kids received their first place medals and a video of clips from the season. Each coach took 5 kids to talk about and Coach Aaron found a bible verse that he thought best described them. It was a great party and a great way to end the season. Can't wait for next year.
After the football party it was off to The Alley where the boys had invited some friends for a bowling birthday party. Turns out the boys birthdays really do fall at a busy time of year as a lot of their friends were busy with finishing up football games. However they got lots of bowling in and still had a good time.
Blake and Brett bowling.
Brett's friend Noah has form.
Blake's friend Ben and Blake bowling.
Football cupcakes!!
Last but not least....did anyone else feel the earthquake Saturday night. I sure did and for a moment thought I was going a little crazy. Thank goodness for facebook as everyone started talking about it. I felt another aftershock on Monday evening too. CRAZY!! However this is Kansas and anything is possible I guess.
All in all it was a great weekend just very busy. This weekend seems to slow a little with KSU football on Saturday and closing up the lakehouse for the season.