Sunday, May 11, 2014

It's been too long but I've been productive...

It's been awhile but I have been busy over the last several months....

Somthing for myself....old window came from my dad's homeplace.
 Road sign reused....made for my roomie to put in her yard.
 Blake's basketball coach end of the season "thank you" gift.
 Baby gift for co-worker.
Wedding gift
 Roomie's request to give to her mom for her birthday.
 An old record box...revamped for my Grandparents 65th wedding anniversary we'll be celebrating this May.

Centerpieces for the the anniversary celebration.
 Anniversary gift
 Gifts for a co-worker to give herself and family who are missing a loved one.
 Baby banner for a shower for a little girl arriving in June.

 Teacher Appreciation Gifts for all the fabulous teachers I work with.
 Nurses Appreciation Day for two awesome school nurses I work with.
 A couple of extra teacher appreciation gifts for some extra special teachers.
Bubble wand...when things go wrong just give a wave a the wand.
Highlighter...your the highlight of our day.
Extra gum...thanks for going the extra mile.
Colored rock...U rock.
A decored bottle of hand sanitizer.
Tic Tacs...your a mint to work with.
Shout wipes...something to remove all the crap (if it were only that simple.)
Thumb tacs and smarties...stay sharp and think smart
Ear plugs...sometimes you just need to shut out the noise.
Energy Bar...a little treat to get you thru the day.
Stress Relief Bubble wrap...pop 3capsules every 4-6 hours or as needed.  If symptoms persist locate colored cup and consume.
Colored cup...Keep Calm and Drink On (included shot of Fireball)