Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More of this and that....

It's been a crazy spring now that it has finally showed up....between getting the pool ready and mowing and mowing and more mowing...I do find some time to spend in my room.

Wedding gift for my cousin to give a friend...she wanted something with a cross and this is what we came up with.  I really like this idea and may have to do it again.

Graduation gifts galore...

These are cups I did for the boys' teachers this year for the end of the year.  

Tiles for a lady at church to give herself and friends.
My latest refurbishing attempt.  Ksu roomie Jill's, mother in law, bought this and wanted me revamp this so she could enter it in a United Way fundraiser auction coming up in June.  This is the before....

 Here is the after...you can't see it real well...but the seat of the chair is bubble gum pink as is the vinyl I put on it.  I found an Audrey Hepburn quote "Happy girls are the prettiest" and decided that would be the theme.  Hopefully this will end up in some little girls room to enjoy.

Another pinterest idea....a tomato plant cage, wrapped in evergreen garland and lights.  Perfect for my front porch planters at Christmas.  Now I just need another helping of evergreen garland and lights and I'll have two....something to be on the hunt for during garage sale season.