Saturday, February 9, 2013

I haven't forgot about this one..

Even though it seems like it I haven't forgot about this's a few items that I've finished recently.

I've had this little chair for quite awhile (bought it at an antique store) and really didn't know what I was going to do with it until now.  My KSU roomie, Jill, has 2 girls Rachael and Rebecca and she lets me indulge on buying and making girly things since I have boys.  For Rachael's first Christmas I redid a small wooden desk all KSU like.  So I decided Rebecca was going to get her very own KSU chair.  Plus her momma would've killed me had a given her another desk to find space for.
The seat says "#1 Cat Fan sits here!"
The back says "I back the Cats!"  I thought it turned out really cute and Rebecca seemed to like as did big sister so I'm sure it'll get a lot of use.  Now the trick will be to find something for the new little sister or brother that's coming in August....YEAH!!!
I made these two frames for my Pastor and his wife to hang in their daughters room.  They have Vivine (8yrs I think) who they adopted from Haiti when she was 3 or so.  And they left this weekend to adopt her sister Rosalineda who is 6 years old.  This has been a long process for them and we are so excited for them to bring her home, however not nearly as excited as Vivine is.
This was a test project...I've been wanting to do something like this for quite awhile and found just the reason to get it done.  My dear friend Cari who has lived in Singapore the last 4 years birthday was in January and because of the time difference and my lack of being with it....I always forget to get her gift/card or even email sent in a timely manner. So I just decided it's better late than never and what a surprise it will be to receive about a month late.  Hopefully she doesn't read this blog very often or it may just ruin the surprise. :)!

I know it's not much but on a side note I did get some much needed scrapbooking done last weekend with KSU roomies.  Hopefully the need to do some more will kick in.  Don't forget to check my other new blog if you want to know what we have been upto lately on the family side: