Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Creations from my room...

Even with the move I was still able to play in my room before and after.

Roommate Jill keep me busy with orders for weddings and appreciate that.  First one is for a her friend who just opened up her own vet clinic and naturally she's a KSU grad so what better gift for ones office.
Jill also has a couple of weddings this year so I get to help with the gift giving.
My first halloween decoration...pretty blah I know...but when you take a little glue, halloween paper and glitter modge get.....
a fun witches hat.
Now this was  a fun little project for a friend.  She repainted it and wanted some batman logos put on it for her son's bday.  Well this was way easy to create and has started a buzz....I'm currently making a lady bug kozy koupe...stay tuned for those pics.

Last but not least...roommate Jill's oldest daughter turned 3 this summer and she got a playhouse for her bday so I thought she needed some chairs for the front porch.  So I dolled these up with frogs, lady bugs and flowers.  I made one for her baby sis too.
Hopefully I'll do better at getting creative things posted in the future.