Monday, September 24, 2012

Are you ready for some football...We are!!

Football season is upon us and it's turning out to be an exciting year for us so far.  Brett's team, Andover Cyclones are 3-0 and KSU is 4-0!!  (Unfortunately our Packers aren't starting off the same.)  We've only been able to attend one KSU game this year as Brett's football team plays on Saturdays also and conflicts most of the time but it's worth it...he's only 9 once right?

His mean face....
Brett and his loyal fan....Sassy.  (this picture turned out so good and it was such a fluke...I was taking Brett's and then she just went up and posed with him.)

The Hiesman Pose.
Brett was part of this tackle which created and fumble.  (#5 on the ground).
Brett running the ball and stiff-arming the defender. (Second from the left.)
Not only is Brett busy with 3 nights for football practice during the week and games on Saturday he is also playing a 6 week fall baseball season, which includes another night of practice and games on Sundays (double headers in September).  Needless to say we are quite busy during the week and weekends.  However we all enjoy it.  

Happy Fall Y'all!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The newest Albright and 1st day of school...2012

So we moved to our new house Aug. 8th and on Aug. 11th we added another member to the family...a four legged member.  Her name is Sassy and she's a 4 year old beagle.  The boys were anxiously awaiting our move as that's when I said they could get a dog.  Turns out a classmate from high school posted a pic of Sassy on facebook as they were looking for a home for her as they did not have the time to give her she needed.  So I contacted her and we got it all arranged for her to come live with us.  My parents picked her up and brought her to us 3 days after we moved.   She's turned out to be a good dog....she loves to play, something the boys never had with Bailey and Cali as they were old by the time the boys could play with them.  She loves to be outside and go for walks.  We soon learned her name fits her well as she loves to talk back to us when she's scolded for something or when we want her to do something she doesn't want to do.  She's very very vocal...whether it be when she's excited, naughty or just playing.

The boys meeting her for the first time.
 Sassy sittin' pretty.
 How do you not love that?
 The boys on the first day of school...Brett, 4th grader and Blake, kindergarten....all day!!!  They get on the bus at the end of the drive at 8 a.m. and get off at 4 p.m.
 First day getting off the bus...they made it.  Turns out their bus driver, Bob, is a big KSU fan so Brett and him discuss football everyday.  So far the school year is a success...however we're not quite 30 days in yet.


Wedding 2 of 2012...Kay and Trent I've been a terrible blogger...summer came and went in a flash and I kept telling myself I'd sit down and post everything we had done this summer once the boys went back to school....well that hasn't happened so here is a quick non-pic recap....both boys were in some sort of camp thru June and July, both boys played baseball (Brett on two teams), Blake had swim lessons, we moved Aug. 8th and school started back up Aug. 15th.  Oh and there were trips to the lake too.

Now fast forward to Sept. 8th....Marty's baby sister Kay gets married.

Kay, Trent and Kay's siblings...Scott, Amy and Marty.
Kay and Trent and Kay's nieces and nephews...Emily, Blake, Karlie, Erica, Brett and Garrett.  Kay made sure to include all of them in her wedding....Emily and Erica were bridesmaids, Karlie a flowergirl, Blake a ring bearer and Brett and Garrett passed out programs, ushered the grandmothers in, and brought the Communion gifts up to the alter.
Blake and Karlie walking down the aisle.  Blake apparently took his ring bearer job very serious.
Mr. and Mrs. Andler making their entrance at the reception.  Cute pic.
Trent and his nephews "officially".  The boys think Trent's a pretty cool uncle...he takes them frog hunting, checking deer cam and anything else that might be going on.
Marty and Kay.
Brett and his fav aunt Kay.
A little kiss for the Bride.
Blake and his fav Aunt Kay.
He too gives her some love.
Karlie and Blake dance during the wedding party dance.
Brett didn't have a partner so we rounded him up a girl for the wedding party dance.
Blake was a dancing fool the entire night.  This little girl was his first partner of the night (until she had to go home early)...they danced and danced...he would twirl her and even dipped her a couple of times.  However he did drop her once during a dip....Oops.
Me and my handsome dance partner.
Blake caught the garter.  He wasn't sure what to do with it so Trent helped him out and put it on his arm and it stayed there the whole night.
Myself and my handsome new brother in law, Trent.
Kay and her other brother, Scott.  Scott claims to still think of Kay as the annoying little sister, however we all know he loves her and wishes her well.
This doesn't happen very often, so it had to be captured on film.
I think the highlight of the evening was when Bernard, a friend of Kay and Trents, sang "Don't Stop Believing".  Apparently he's known for singing this when they would all go out in Manhattan for karaoke night.  He was quite entertaining.
Brett and Trent getting their groove on.
Mom and Dad Albright hit the dance floor.

Kay and I.  I will admit the hardest part of the day for me was when I saw Kay after she was dressed in her gown, 18 years of memories came flooding back...I still remember the little girl (about 3 yrs. old) covered in dirt, her hair in a messy ponytail, and she's just got back from checking cows or riding in a tractor with her dad or Scott.  To see her all grown up and looking amazing as a bride was tough not to shed a few tears.  I can't wait to watch what the next 18 years has in store for her and Trent.
My goal is to be a better blogger...starting now.