Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blake finishes fall basketball

Blake finished his fall session of basketball this weekend.  He showed lots of improvement and because Marty and I don't like to have our weekends empty we signed him up for another session.  So starting in January our weekends are filled with sports Brett and Blake will both be playing.

Blake bringing the ball down the court.
He shoots...and I can't remember if this one went in or not.  I'm sure if you asked him he'd say YES!
Going after the matter what.
Final game means another medal received to hang on the medal board.

Blake had a great coach this session and we hope we get just as lucky with the next session.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blake's basketball and last KSU FB.

Blake and I started Saturday off with his basketball game. (Marty and Brett had gone home on Thursday to deer hunt...that ended with Brett shooting "at" a doe but never finding it. Brett claims he got it and it ran off to die...Marty thinks he missed..none the less Brett's ready to go again.).  Blake had a good game...even though the score was a little lopsided and not in our favor.

He shoots...he scores!!
Bringing the ball down the court.  He's getting much better at driving to the basketball and once he stops dribbling he either passes or shoots.
Throwing the ball in...

After his game we headed to the lakehouse where we met Marty and Brett before going to the KSU football game.  While at the lake I took some pics of just how low the water is due to two really hot and dry summers. It will be interesting to see if it will recover before next spring/summer.  Needless to say we need lots of snow/rain.  
This is a shot of our stationary dock...normally this ladder is under water upto the 3rd or 4th rung from the bottom.  The last step is out of water by 1- 1 1/2 feet.
Here is our floating dock...the float at the bottom of the walk-way is mostly out of water and its a fairly steep walk down the ramp.
This is the ramp that goes into the boathouse and you can see what is normally under water...the grey part.
About the only upside to the water being this low is anyone that wanted to do some lake front or dock work this is the time to do it, but that's about the only upside.  Hoping for a wet winter and spring to recoup some of the loss of water.

To close out our weekend we finally got to attend our 2nd KSU football game of the year.  Lucky for us the weather was pretty awesome for December 1st.  This was a big game...last home game, Senior Day (always a bitter sweet day), and this game was the deciding factor as to who would be Big 12 champs.  Lucky for us the Cats brought home the Big 12 Champ trophy and are going bowling in AZ!!
Coach accepting the Big 12 Trophy, thanking the fans for their love and support and hoping to see us all in AZ!!  We have decided not to follow the Cats to AZ again....Marty has been twice, I once and we went to Dallas last year.  I have pledged not to attend another bowl game as the 4 I have attended we have lost them all and I just can't bring myself to go as the jinx anymore.  We will however be cheering loud from home.  Go Cats!!


Blake's bday and the 1st Annual Turkey Bowl

Better late than never...We celebrated Blake's bday on the 21st as the 22nd was Thanksgiving and we were headed to Grandma Donna's the next day for dinner.  So after basketball practice we stopped and got a dairy queen cake and came home to open presants.  It was 6 yrs on the 22nd when we didn't even get to go home for Thanksgiving as we were bringing Blake home from the hospital that day.  A very memorable day for us and our extended family as we surprised them all with a phone call saying we were parents to a new baby boy.

Blake got a new purple baseball bag, a glow in the dark basketball and a superhero lego set.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Marty's family on Black Friday.  Uncle/BIL Trent planned the first Turkey Bowl.  It was quite fun and I think we ended up in a tie...thankfully the weather was nice and all were willing to play.  I have a feeling that if next year is cold there will be less players...I being one probably.  
Trent even made a MVP turkey trophy and Blake was awarded it with his numerous "quarterback sacs" and always being "open" for the throw.

Can't wait for next years Turkey Bowl.