Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding 1 of 2012 Kasey and Trevor Murphy

Last weekend my cousin Kasey married her long time beau Trevor. Kasey has been planning this wedding since the ring hit her finger I think and she planned it to perfection. It was absolutely beautiful and something the two of them shall remember forever. Kasey included so many family and friends to share in their day including my boys and my nephew Steel.  And to top it all off her colors were purple and that's suits us just fine.

Here are Steel and Blake passing out the programs.
The bride and her dad making their way into the church.

Brett's part in the wedding was taking the communion gifts to the front (he's on the right.)
The bride and groom leaving the church as Mr. and Mrs. Murphy.  The guests threw rose petals and there were a few butterflies released.
It was very hard to capture or see the butterflies but I happen to be standing by one of the bridesmaids and one landed on her bouquet.
Three handsome boys....Brett, Steel, and Blake.
The Albright's
My part in the wedding.  I also made them a tile with their initial on it for the guestbook table at the reception.
Kasey and I.  Umm yes I really am that short...she's flat footed and I'm in a 1/2 inch heel.  Unfortunately all my cousins are taller than I, and the youngest who is 9 is well on his way too.
Blake and I cuttin' a rug.
Soon to be sister in law Jenn and Blake gettin' jiggy with it. 

It was a beautiful wedding despite the heat. Congrats again to Kasey and Trevor Murphy.


Once again so much going on and so behind

So getting caught up on the couple last weeks....I've been known to keep my boys quite busy in various camps/activities thru out the summer and this summer is no different.  Blake attended Holy Cross Vacation Bible School the 2nd week of June while Brett attended Camp Invention. 
Blake is in the front row with the white shirt, singing at his last day of VBS.
Brett's last day of camp invention included a program where we got to walk thru and see what they had created thru out the week.  What I loved most about this camp is everything they used to build with was mostly recycle items...less the duct tape that Brett seemed to love to use.

Father's day weekend we headed to the lake for some R and R.  Not that we don't love to have company when we're at the lake cause we do, but it's also nice when its just us and we can clean/organize things and just worry about us.  Again, family and friends, don't think we don't want your company...we're ready for ya now.

The boys had fun with their latest water toys...newest addition...paddle boat and the kayak.  Blake is in the paddle boat and Brett's in the kayak.  It started out as a race and ended up as bumper boats.
Brett bumping into Blake.  Blake isn't quite big enough to reach the paddles so he has to lay down but he doesn't seem to mind.
I even attmepted the kayak....turns out it wasn't that hard and I didn't even flip it over unlike my brother when he tried it.  Ha Ha!!
Brett even got the knee board out for the first time this year and was up on it first try.  I was talented enough to drive the jet ski and take a picture.
Brett finished up his season with the Knights.  As much as I hate for the season to end I'm glad it's ending when it is because this heat is unbelievable.  The Knights may not have ended up first in their league but they did make great strides of improvement thru out the year and that's just as important.

Here he is scoring one more time.
The team listening to the parting comments from Coach Eby.  He told the boys he was proud of the way they improved thru out the year and tolerated all his yelling.
Brett led the team in the final after game prayer...he even thanked God for providing them the strength to put up with Coach Eby.  Everyone laughed and Coach Eby thanked him.

The Knights ended their season with a swim party last night.  The boys and their siblings enjoyed swimming and ice cream sundaes.  Fun night to end a fun season.  Thanks again to our coaches for taking the time to teach these boys the game of baseball.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catching up on posting

So you may have noticed my blog looks a little different. I'm still trying to get the header right but I'm slightly techno stupid so its taken weeks just to get this far. Apparently I maxed out my space on my blog with pictures so I've had to go and delete past pics from posting to find more room.  Very frustrating for someone who doesn't know anything about her own blog setup.  (My friend Summer set it up for me and took care of any issues I had....well I figure it was time for me to learn on my own....very slow process.)

Anyway I think I've deleted enough pics that I can finally catch up on posting.  Our first weekend at the lakehouse was Memorial Weekend.  Brett and Blake had their maiden voyage with their new tow...the blue kayak.
Brett took cousin Steel for a ride too.
Last week Brett was awarded the game ball at his game for a great pick-off at first.
Blake completed his 2 weeks of swim lessons last week.
Last weekend my sister-in-laws, Barb and Amy and myself hosted a bridal shower for the baby sister, Kay.  She'll be getting married to Trent on September 8th.  The shower was a hit and she and Trent are well on their way of getting all the stuff one needs for a new house.  After the shower the "Albright Sisters" headed to the lakehouse for the first of hopefully many "sister weekends at the lake".  Surprisingly we have never had just us girls at the lake, but we decided with Kay getting ready to be married it was time to start.  It was a great day of just laying out on the dock, chatting, consuming girly drinks, and laughing.  Hopefully we can make this an annual trip.
Blake has started his tball season and as painful as it is to watch, its hard not to be excited for him.  He gets so excited when it's his night to play ball and he doesn't have to go to one of Brett's.  Unfortuantely for him, he is the only one on the team that really has an idea of how the game should be played (thanks to Dad and Brett for practicing hours upon hours with him.)  However he hasn't gotten too discouraged when his teammates don't throw him the ball at first for the out.  Hopefully next year will be better for him....and mom and dad.
He's a hitter....

It's a hit up the middle.
Getting the grounder at first.

This week Blake has been at VBS at Holy Cross and Brett has been at Camp Invention.  This weekend we are headed to the lakehouse for some relaxtion.  Next week its off to VBS for both at Chapel Hill with friends.  We will also be headed to the pool with our friends visiting from Singapore.  We always look forward to their summer visit.  It's a busy summer and that's the way we like it.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer is off and running

It's only the second week of summer and we are off and running. Blake has started us off with swim lessons in the morning. Along with that we've made several other accomplishments. First Blake learned to ride his bike without training wheels. I was out mowing and told the boys to come outside as soon as they were done.  I didn't see them for quite awhile and was about to go find them when I see Blake running towards me with his bike helmet on and a big smile.  Brett was right behind him riding his bike without the training wheels and Blake says...."Mom I'm gonna ride with out my training wheels".  I'm thinking I really don't have time right now (in the middle of mowing) to help him but I had Brett run the mower while I got Blake started.  It took 2-3 tries with my help and he was off....he even figured out how to get started on his own.  He was soooo proud of himself.  He's had a couple of minor crashes, scrapes and bruises but he's still riding.

This is what I found later in the riding is tough work apparently.
Brett and his dad decided that during the last haircut I was giving, Brett should have a mohawk....why I'm not sure.  Next haircut it's getting buzzed off.  Luckily Brett's to lazy to fix if everyday so it's hardly noticeable.
The wheat this year may be early but it sure is pretty.  This field is right in front of our new house in the country currently under construction.  And this is probably the best picture Blake has taken since he was a baby.

Blake also decided that he needed to update his scooter.  He had 3 wheeled scooter but thought he was ready for a 2 wheeled like Brett's.  So he found one at a garage sale and had to have it....even though it was RED.  (We don't do red....on anything or ever!!)  So I told him we'd get it but I was going to repaint it.  Thumbs down on the Red!!
Thumbs up on the silver and purple.
Silver paint, purple flames, with KSU decor.  Much better!!
We are full swing in baseball season now as Blake has also started so Marty and I find ourselves dividing and conquering different fields.  This week we are at the ballfield every night but Thursday.